Meet Charlie Brown – our 1984 Volkswagen T25 Campervan.

Pick up day!

On March 2nd 2016 we became proud owners of this little bus! Instantly drawn to the patina-ish paintwork and overall character, we knew we had to have him sitting on our driveway. Aware that he had some issues, we expected a fair amount of work to get the van where we wanted him to be. With plans to travel much further afield than East Anglia, the van spent months in various garages whilst we researched different parts, asked numerous questions to previous T25 owners and planned for some form of storage system in the back! You can see what work we’ve done to the van here:Work and alterations

With the majority of the work done, we were able to spend summer weekends slowly cruising round Norfolk and Suffolk.We learnt we could easily adapt to van life pretty quick – things seem a lot simpler! We packed the van up and travelled down to Devon and Cornwall in the last weeks of September (See Devon and Cornwall September 2016 for what we got up to 🙂 ) It was great to spend more than just a weekend away and the weather was good to us too! It made us realise what we need to take (and what we don’t!) in addition to work that still needed to be done on the van to ensure we can fulfil our goal…

For 2017, our plan is to travel Europe in our little home. Our leaving date is imminent! We hope to upload as much as we can to keep in touch with everyone, in addition to inspiring others to do the same! An exact route isn’t planned yet; and we’ve still got a couple of things to do, but spontaneity and simplicity are what these vans are all about. Can’t wait to let you all know where we get to and what we see along the way!

Zoe and Tris

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