Devon and Cornwall September 2016

Taking the scenic route – Stone Henge!

After visiting a friend in Reading (and also splitting our journey into two more manageable halves!) we carried on down the A303 where we drove past Stone Henge and had a more scenic route.

We didn’t have much of a plan where we would end up that night but decided to keep on driving and see where we ended up! When the night started to pull in we decided to call a campsite in Blue Anchor Bay, after choosing our spot we grabbed a beer (a celebration of the longest journey yet!)and had a walk along the beach.

After a good nights sleep we made plans to move on further round the coast. Tris luckily decided to check the van over and noticed that something wasn’t right. A drain mark on the inside of the rear tyre indicated there was some sort of issue that turned out to be a leaking rear wheel cylinder that had drained the brake fluid overnight! Not a big job if it wasn’t for a 50 mile trip to the nearest parts store, so the RAC were called! We lost the best part of a day; waiting around in addition to being picked up to be taken to a garage, but we were grateful to have found the issue before we drove any further – especially with the steep hills that are all over this part of England! With a new brake cylinder fitted by the evening we still had time to drive and ended up finding a campsite which offered a beautiful sunset!


Rolled up to some relations of Tris who own a farm and campsite with some stunning fishing lakes not far from Bideford, the farm dog Henry came to investigate the van…


Along our way we discovered Exmoor, Clovelly, St.Ives, Mousehole and drove some lovely roads (and not so lovely hills – including the Lynton/Lynmouth hill where we had to reverse back down due to our unforgiving lowered suspension!!) We were lucky enough to visit Clovelly, St.Ives, Penzance and Mousehole in addition to even getting to Land’s End! We made our way back to Suffolk stopping off just outside of Oxford to break up the long journey but got back in time to attend a V-Dub fest in Rendlesham- perfect way to finish the holiday!



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