SPAIN! Santander-Toledo 23rd-24th Feb 2017

After a bit of messing around and getting used to the roads, we found our way on the A-67 which took us all the way to our first stop – Palencia. We arrived around 7pm and managed to find a “camperstop” using an App, where we were greeted by loads of other campers including a French T-25 Westy! After a brief walk around the centre in the morning, we headed off again on the E-80 past Arévalo and turned off on the N-403 which was a gorgeous road to drive! We stopped at a viewpoint of Avila and cooked some lunch whilst looking out at the ancient city wall.

We then carried on the N-403 which became more stunning by the mile but unfortunately the road came to an end when we joined the A-40 to Toledo.


Found our second “camperstop” that although listed as “free” on the App, was “tolled” by a chap on the gate at a rate of 2 Euros per night! Although just a car park,  the view of the castle at night was worth a view!

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