Santa Elena – Torrenueva (Mediterranean Coast) 26th Feb-1st March 2017


Left Santa Elena around noon and jumped on the E-5 before joing the E-902 towards Jaen and then onto Granada. With no obvious place to stop in Granada, we carried on south towards Motril on a very nice road with great mountain roads and a few climbs for Charlie!

Passed Motril and followed signs for Torrenueva as it appeared there were a few campsites there. Turning off the E-902 onto the N-340 which is a “true” coast road we drove through Torrenueva and spotted a carpark by the beach full of French motorhomes where we stopped and were encouraged to stay by the “residents”! Apparently they had been here all winter with no bother.

We eventually got to sleep after a group of kids decided that banging on the tailgate in the middle of the night was a good idea, although tempted to make them jump by sounding our good old Ahhooogaa! horn we thought it best to let it lie and be considerate towards our French neighbours…  Woke up to sun and spent a lazy day on the beach until the wind picked up late afternoon. Spent the evening in the van with a few beers after a trip to the supermarket.

Pancake Day (or Dia de Andalucía!) – 28th Feb 2017


Unbeknown to us Pancake Day coincides with Dia de Andalucía which to our ignorance meant that most supermarkets and shops were closed so our drive to Motril in search of somewhere to buy ingredients was a little wasted; narrowly avoiding a road closure for a paint run that occurred earlier that day! Made our return back towards our little spot, passing through Torrenueva where a Fiesta was in full swing! Thankfully a small supermarket was open to buy flour, eggs and milk for pancakes 🙂 Lacking in a sieve we created a somewhat lumpy pancake mix but tasted good all the same with various savoury cheese and chorizo pancakes and then sweeter sorts! As the wind picked up again in the evening, we “battoned down the hatches” as the van began to move from the gust!

1st March – got up earlier today to find a lot of the French motorhomes had started to move on and being the first of March. We thought perhaps the winter season was nigh-on over and the Spring/summer season for camping had begun and we may be “moved on”, so we followed suit!

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