Caminito del Rey 10th March 2017



Got up nice and early in anticipation for Caminito del Rey. Jumped on the A-384 before turning down the A-357; both of which were stunning roads. Parked up in one of the four available carparks and were directed towards a ridiculously long tunnel; hardly tall enough for us to walk through, with absolutely no lighting! After a walk around a couple of lakes, we found the entrance to ‘Caminito del Rey’. Queues were already forming so we were glad we made the effort to get there in the morning!  After being kitted out with a hairnet and helmet; incase there were any falling rocks (!), we started walking through the impressive scenery towards the gorge where boardwalks had been built along the rock face.

The boardwalks were ontop of the original cracked, narrow footpath – which used to be one of the most dangerous walks in the world!  Managed to get some great ‘Go-Pro’ footage along with many amazing photos – they don’t really do the place justice!

We spent a good three/four hours in the park taking in the scenery and enjoying the vast, diverse landscape. Towards the end of the trail, there was a glass-bottomed platform that highlighted just how high up we were! We also made our way across a pedestrian suspension bridge which had a lovely sway to it!



Weather was heating up (around 28°C!) as we left the park and found our way to the train station to catch a bus back to the starting point. After food and drink, we took a stunning road;the A-367, towards Ronda. After driving through the town;avoiding the hustle and bustle of tourists around many monuments and attractions, we followed signs towards a campsite. Not the most inviting (or cheapest!) of campsites but we were able to have a much-needed shower, make use of the electricity and sorted the van out. Spent the evening reminiscing about the day and studying the map to work out where we were going to next.


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