Ronda – Gibraltar – Tarifa 11th – 15th March 2017

Left the campsite at midday – taking advantage of the facilities that we’d more than paid for! Headed towards Ronda; which although seemed like a picturesque stop, being a Saturday meant parking was almost impossible! We decided to carry on the A-389; another lovely mountain road, where we stopped at a viewpoint for some lunch and Sangria.

Carried on the A-373 that lead us through acres and acres of what at first looked like woodland but then it became obvious that they were actually cork trees. Ending in Ubrique; somewhere the Spanish hippy had highlighted for being famous for its leather production, we parked up and went for a wander, eventually finding the main street where nearly every shop revolved around the leather trade.

We drove a little further to a place called El Bosque that appeared; on the app, to have a camperstop. Once again it was obvious where to stop due to the amount of campervans parked up along the road. As we made some dinner, the sounds of what we associated with a cheesy British wedding disco played, intrigued, we went to investigate, to find not a wedding but a tiny bar where a dozen drunken Spaniards were “rocking out”!


The next morning (remembering this time it was Sunday!) we went for a “Sunday drive” back towards the coast, heading South on the A-372 towards Arcos and then the A-389 towards Medina before joining the A-381 following signs for Algeciras, all of which seemed a little “tame” after the last few days of the mountain climbs!

Arrived at Gibraltar around 2pm (or “Gib” as all the Brits we have bumped into seem to call it!) very odd place! Even the weather that day was a little “British”, took a drive around the place, noticing that even in Gibraltar the British couldn’t resist erecting a few traditional speed cameras and pay n’ display machines! Filled up with cheap fuel and visited the local Morrisons supermarket to spend a bit of Sterling! Returned to Spain to a place just outside “Gib” called La Linea where we’d heard that we could park at the local football club for €4 which included a days parking! Armed with mince beef and doritos we proceeded to create nachos for dinner!

Decided to leave the van at the football ground the next day and headed back to Gibraltar on foot to take another look around. Turns out that it was actually a bank holiday (Commonwealth Day, which we thought was quite apt!) we walked through to the Trafalgar Cemetery and to the Botanical Gardens where, to Zo’s disappointment, no monkeys pestered us for our lunch…

Headed back to the van early evening and walked to the nearest supermarket as the winds started to pick up. We were met by rain on the walk back and decided to spend the night in the van with food and more “van-made” Sangria!


Had an interesting night of rain pelting the van and wind knocking the sides, woke up to a lot of standing water and the van had been covered in saltspray! The carpark attendant was nowhere to be seen, we stayed around ’til midday and decided to leave our money with an English couple who had been stranded for six weeks after losing their keys! (If you’re reading this we hope you got things sorted!) We left La Línea and followed the coast road to Tarifa, which we felt obliged to visit after all the people we had met along the way had recommended it! Took a drive through the town which had a Cornish feel to it; a lot of surf shops and a huge increase in Volkswagen presence! Even saw a few T25’s!


By now it was obvious why Tarifa is so famous for its Windsurfing and Kitesurfing – due to the relentless strong winds! Moved along to a carpark by the beach for lunch before heading a little further along the coast where we saw a large expanse of grassland covered in campervans! Decided to park up for the night and met a chap who had been there since December 2nd!

After another crazy night of weather – the wind even stronger this time! – had a lazy morning in the van before heading back into the town. Found a less exposed carpark for our second night in Tarifa. The beaches there looked stunning  but the weather wasn’t really on our side, so we thought instead of holding on for some sun we’d move further round, making our way towards Sanlúcar.



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