Tarifa – Sevilla – Huelva 16th – 19th March 2017

Woke up after another windy night in Tarifa, however it seemed to be subsiding! Made our way along the N-340 towards Cadiz. Drove through the city, most of which was fairly modern, apart from the older part with cobbled streets.Fairly restricted for parking, we decided to carry on until we arrived in Sanlúcar. Eventually found the camperstop “Sanlucar AC Parking” at the far end of the town and were greeted by Alfonso; a friendly Spanish bloke who decided to call Tris ‘James’ for the duration of our stay! He even let us hang our washing in his greenhouse! Made use of all the facilities which were really good value at only €8 a night!

Left the campsite around midday and the sun had finally made a comeback! We drove through the town and noticed a roadblock and loads of horses. Curious, we parked the van up and walked towards the congregation to discover literally hundreds of merry horse men and women dressed in traditional gear, all heading towards the beach on horseback with wine/beer in hand! Once on the beach, we realised that they were being ferried across the estuary to a national park -‘Parque de Doñana’ for some sort of ‘outing’ the motive of which we are still unsure of!

Spent the rest of the afternoon by the beach and stayed a second night parked up there with a few other motorhomes. Witnessed a pretty good sunset over the sea too!



Leavin Sanlucar on the A-471 before taking the N-IV (to avoid the toll road!) we arrived in Sevilla, following directions to the camperstop that Alfonso back in Sanlucar had suggested to us. Although at first it seemed that we’d taken a wrong turn; as we got deeper and deeper into a shabby, almost forgotten commercial area, we finally found the stop. Greeted by a friendly and extremely helpful(!) Spanish guy now known to us as Santiago or “Santi”! and the 2 “guard dogs” which wouldn’t harm a fly! Although he spoke little English, he had a good way of communicating that even with our limited Spanish, we still understood every word including all his jokes and all of his directions! We parked the van up and went to explore Sevilla.

Discovered a gorgeous park, bought chocolate muffins from a couple of Scouts at Plaza de Espana, saw the Cathedral, witnessed some pretty cool (and some unusual) street performers and ended up heading over a bridge to an area called “Triana” which “Santi” had suggested to visit as the bars were “pocco euros”! Found a little tapas bar amongst the hustle bustle and stayed for the evening before making our way back to the van.

Spent most of Sunday 19th March catching up with the blog and chatting to “Santi”! Before we left later on that day, had to get a picture of this beast which was amongst the  motorhomes!


Took a long drive towards Huelva, taking the A-8077 before turning onto the A-472 where we eventually found the free camperstop at ‘Monumento de Colon’.

View from ‘Monumento de Colon’ first thing in the morning from the van!

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