Huelva – El Rocio – Isla Christina – Portugal 19th – 20th March 2017

Whilst driving to Huelva an ominous hissing sound was coming from the van… Decided to wait ’til daylight to check it out! Discovered it was a bolt on top of the air box which had obviously always been missing as it wasn’t possible for a bolt that long to come loose and fall out! It had never made a sound to indicate an issue before but was quickly resolved with some electrical insulation tape! With the van good to go, we set off on the N-442/A-494 heading towards ‘Parque de Doñana’. The road through the park was ridiculously straight, fences either side separated the traffic from the wildlife and there were even bridges at regular intervals for the animals to cross! Took a dusty track towards the sea, and parked up before it became too steep and sandy for the van to manage! Took a walk around to discover an unspoilt beach with sandcliffs in addition to an abandoned campsite with an overturned 4X4! (Good thing we didn’t take Charlie down there!)

Got back on the road taking the A-483 in search of El Rocio ,somewhere else the Spanish Hippy had suggested! As described by him, the town had a “Cowboy and Western” feel to it with roads made of sand and horses tethered outside saloon style buildings. With absolutely no road signs or markings, it was a bit of a ‘free-for-all’!

Other than a horse, this has to be the best mode of transport on these roads!


Spent a couple of hours wandering around, made some lunch in the van then decided to head towards the Spain/Portugal border. Went back towards Huelva before taking the  A-492 and then the N-431 stopping at Isla Christina for the night; literally just outside the border, in a beach carpark.



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