Lisbon – Freekuency Festival – Spain 6th April – 10th April 2017

This blog is a little shorter than the last, we thought we may as well wrap up our time in Portugal!

Not that we had a real plan, but initially we thought we may have gone further North, possibly up to Porto, however, with Portugese petrol prices hitting us hard and with the Freekuency festival approaching, we decided to change the plan… Whilst in Sintra, Fynn and Caro had made contact with us, they said that they were in Lisbon and had found a decent place, not far from the centre, to park for free (which seemed too good to be true!) With this in mind we headed back towards Lisbon via Sintra on the N47, A37,and A5 following the coordinates that they had sent us, after driving under the old bridge that we had crossed a couple of days before we exited the main road into the carpark of a train station, thinking we’d taken a wrong turn we carried on, round the side of the station, amongst abandoned warehouses before we emerged into an open piece of wasteland, completely hidden from the main road, littered with campervans, old and new although our old van fitted in pretty well… Pulling up next to their van it became clear that Fynn and Caro had “come up trumps” in finding a hidden gem, right next to the water with a perfect view of the old, 25 de Abril, suspension bridge and the statue of Cristo-Rei.

We were soon introduced to the “neighbours”, a Polish busker called Nick and a German girl called Charlie, both of whom were living in an ancient Mercedes bus that belonged to a dutch couple who were letting them stay in it for a while, Charlie was pretty excited to see that we’d named our bus after her and after a chat she went off for a day out in Sintra and Nick went off with guitar in hand to earn a few quid!

Meanwhile we headed into Lisbon with Fynn and Caro to see some of the sites…

The next day, even though we’d sat out until late eating and drinking by the vans as Nick entertained us with the guitar, we managed to get up at a reasonable time and said our farewells to both him and Charlie before setting off in convoy to the festival (which although we’d known about the festival since Lagos, the location had only just been released!).

After stopping for supplies (most importantly wine) we headed east across Portugal, about a 90 mile trip, bringing us to a place called Fronteira, a tiny town about 20 miles from the Spanish border. After talking with a guy who was also looking for the festival at the side of the road we decided which direction to head, a few miles later it became clear, with grassy hills dotted with vans in the distance. The event was charged on a donation basis, a woman stood at the gate, simply saying, “park where you want, wherever there’s a space” After following the dusty tracks,we found a decent spot on the side of a hill that looked onto the entire festival site.


After setting up camp (complete with make-shift canopy!),we spent the next three days drinking wine, grilling on the barbecue and spending the evenings/mornings (haha) in the stage tents!


Monday morning came and we packed up and left the site early to avoid the crowds. Parked up in Fronteira to have some breakfast before parting ways once more – Fynn and Caro planned to head further north whilst we had already decided to carry on east across the border into Spain…


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