Back on the road! L’Aquila – Terni – Perugia – Gubbio 16th May – 19th May 2017

After driving out of the garage with a big smile on both our faces, we decided to head towards Terni as we knew the Mille Miglia passed through there(as well as many other cities) in 3 days time. Got some lunch, rang Marck to thank him for all his help then went on our way on the SS17 and SS4 through Rieti and turned up at a free stop just outside Terni. We chose this particular spot as it was near a waterfall!


Got a place right in the sun so spent a few hours lazing about before heading out to find the waterfall… Unfortunately they charged just to walk round and see it,so we gave up on that idea and decided to drive into Terni instead. In hindsight we definitely would’ve stayed at the first spot- the camperstop in the city wasn’t near the centre and was just a carpark…We decided that we’d stay there for a night and in the morning move on to visit Perugia.

Left fairly early and got on the E45 –  felt like a long drive to Perugia with the sun beating down! The city was on a hill so had a bit of a climb to get to the centre… After a few laps round the place and a close call with a car/ wall down some pretty narrow roads we finally found a carpark we could fit in.

Another beautiful Italian city – filled with history, local market stalls and impressive mansions(palazzi) to feast your eyes on.


There’s also plenty of steep,cobbled alleyways to explore in addition to a stunning view from the top of the hill where you could look out onto the valley.


After spending a few hours feeling like we’d gone back in time we headed back to the van and had a look to see where else the Mille Miglia race was passing through. We decided to go to Gubbio- a stop for only 5 euros a night and near the centre(the photos on the app looked promising too!)

Turned up later on in the day at Gubbio; nice little camperstop with fresh water and toilet facilities, a good view and surrounded by trees. Plenty of spaces too so knew we’d be fine for the race which was taking place on Friday. Got chatting to our “neighbours” opposite us – really friendly German couple who we soon found out(after a few drinks together in the eve) had travelled everywhere!


The next day we decided to visit the town after a lazy morning in the sun. On our walk into the centre we passed an old Roman Theatre which stood in the middle of a park…


The town was equally as beautiful; lots of character and charm created by the old buildings and similar cobbled streets to the ones we saw in Perugia. Took a lift to the “second story” of the town and got a great view!



On the way back to the van we bought some white truffle (Gubbio is known for it!) spread to take back home (as well as one to use on our travels!) and also treated ourselves to the local, traditional bread – Crescia.

Indulged in our treats late afternoon and after treated ourselves to another solar shower (we’d left the bag on the van all day to heat up!).


Spent the eve with Willy and Monique (“our neighbours”) hearing about their antics over the years in addition to their wine shop they owned(they weren’t impressed by our hot and now fizzy wine that had been left in the van all day haha!) and later in the eve we met Anissa; a lovely woman who’s travelling in a van with her husband Kevin and her two kids!

Said our farewells to both couples in the morning as they both had plans of moving on… We on the other hand were definitely staying put for the Mille Miglia; especially as it was the 90th anniversary…!

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