Gubbio – Lake Trasimeno – Siena – Roggio – San Romano – San Pellegrino in Alpe – Bologna – Parma – Cremona(again!) – Pavia 20th May – 24th May 2017

After a great day at the Mille Miglia we decided it was time to leave Gubbio and decided to head to Lake Trasimeno.

Didn’t take too long to get there and stopped in a car park to have a drink and a walk round.
Came across a “Campo del Sole”;which features 27 column sculptures made from local stone,before walking out into the lake on the jetty. Could see a storm brewing on the other side but luckily no rain over us!

We agreed to take a lap round the lake and found a carpark the other side where we stopped to have some lunch.


Siena was next on the list and found a free stop on the outskirts of the city which was full of motor homes. Even though we felt far away from the centre it was only a 2 mile journey to get there so decided to walk seeing as the weather had improved since the morning!

Had a great afternoon/evening exploring the place – huge square which was full of people, small, oldy worldy streets with shops and restaurants, a university with a historic festival on where the students were all dressed up and lastly the cathedral where the grand window reflected the blue skies.

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Decided to have a couple of pizzas for dinner from a takeaway restaurant; one margherita and one truffle&parma ham, tasted amazing!image
Eventually got back to the van around 11pm.


Left Siena with the plan to go further North; drove for ages taking a few crazy roads towards Roggio (a friend had suggested we visit as he had previously gone there to find where his gran used to live!).Had a bit of a nightmare ;between us we managed to cause a bit of a dent in the vans sliding door involving a narrow road and a huge lump of old wall…but we won’t go into detail….!

Besides that drama, Roggio was beautiful! Was like going back in time walking round all the old houses and going up tiny little walkways and staircases to get to the the top where the old church stood. Had a great view of the Italian countryside as well as the slate roofs!

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Spent the night in San Romano; quiet little spot and another lovely village to take a walk round.

After breakfast we got back on the winding roads of the Tuscan region; journeys were taking longer due to our lack of speed and increase in the amount of hills! We were going along nicely until we met an 18% hill… Charlie made it; just about involving only first gear and a few wheel spins round the hair pin bends!

Think we must’ve caused a bit of a scene and noise as we were greeted by the locals peering out of their front doors at the top of the hill! The village was called San Pellegrino in Alpe and ended up spending an hour or so there as we thought the van could do with a rest and a cool down! Was worth it as the view was amazing…

Luckily after cooling down our journey was downhill and slowly made our way to Bologna. Found a carpark close to the centre and took a walk in, discovered the leaning tower as well as a market where liquorice flavoured crisps were the speciality!

Spent the night in Reggio nell Emilia after driving up the S9 early evening. The day after we spent the morning sorting a few bits out for the festival before making our way to Parma. Was a pretty hot and sweaty drive- 30+ degrees !!

Glad we made a point of stopping, had some beautiful old buildings and wasn’t overrun with tourist attractions and shops.

Walked through a park complete with a large pond and even had cool little go karts for kids to hire!

On the way back to the van we visited another park which to Zo’s delight featured ponds with turtles!

We were near Cremona again so decided to spend another eve in the camperstop there as we knew it was safe and fairly easy to find. Made pizzas in the van in the eve where we were interrupted by a huge bee that refused to leave the van for ages…!

The next day we spent most of the day sorting out some boring insurance bits before coming across a campsite in Pavia in the afternoon – wanted to have a shower before we introduced ourselves to Marck, was the least we could do haha! Was a great little site and the sun was out too;so chilled out all afternoon and got ourselves ready for the VW festival – Bugaloo ( !


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