Baden-Baden -Elmstein – Sankt Martin – Saarbrücken – Orscholz 7th June – 12th June 2017

With the van rolling once again we topped up on food and fuel before having a quick wander round Baden-Baden (the centre was too far from the industrial estate to walk!).
We then drove for most of the day, briefly passing through France again on the A35 before passing through another beautiful German woodland- Pfalzerwald. Found a cool little spot next to an old train track later on in Elmstein.

Treated ourselves to a campsite the next day as we needed showers (say no more!). Was a small site; in a village called Sankt Martin, but had all we needed, grabbed a spot in the sun and went to the bar situated in the middle of the site for a beer in the eve!

Saarbrücken was next on our list and saw on the camperstop app a stop for 7 euros. Was owned by a swimming pool but was away from the normal carpark- had electric as well! ( Was about a 2km walk into the centre so fairly central.The modern part of the city was what you would expect from any city, but the old part of  Saarbrücken was where we ended up spending most of our time! Lots of cobbled streets, old buildings with character along with a buzzing atmosphere later on in the day with cafes, bars and restaurants on every street.

Had a beer in St.Johanner Markt before it started to pour with rain and consequently had to have another beer (shame) inside whilst we waited for it to subside…


Brightened up again so we walked to see the old castle walls which had been moved from their original place to make way for the huge motorway!! We walked to see the old city walls which had been moved due to the large motorway being put in!

We also came across ‘
Platz des Unsichtbaren Mahnmals’ (The Place of the Invisble Memorial) which is a memorial of the Jewish cemeteries that existed until 1933. The memorial is “invisible” as the stones that make it appear to have no marking or meaning whatsoever.However in 1990, art professor Jochen Gerz and some students wrote the name of each cemetery on the underside of each cobble after digging them up. The stones were then placed back with the written name facing downwards therefore creating an invisible ;but highly moving, memorial. It is situated in the forecourt of Saarbrücken castle and is worth a walk to witness it.

Feeling hungry after exploring the city, we decided to try out the German delicacy – Currywurst. Really tasty and we were piggies and treated ourselves to cake from the bakery next door too! Walked back to the van later on in the eve.

Left Saarbrücken just before lunch and drove through the town of Merzig before continuing towards a viewpoint we’d seen on the map- Saar oxbow river viewpoint near Orscholz. Parked up and walked through some woodland before checking out the view of the ‘Cloef’ from up high.

Whilst up there spotted a few motor homes down below next to the river, looked a pretty cool spot so we set off in search of a road to get there! With some help from the Sat Nav we found a great little spot next to the river and decided the next day to walk up to the viewpoint to get a snap of the van!

Bacon sarnie for breakfast and we were ready to set off on our walk.

After the first half of all incline we treated ourselves to a beer at the restaurant near the viewpoint before getting “the photo” of the van…

Also bought some Viez or “Apple wine”which was the speciality round this part of Germany- was different to cider but wasn’t quite wine.. Tasted nice though! Got back to the van early eve and spent the rest of the day drinking our new purchase and chatting to the locals that took interest in our van as well as our Belgian “neighbours” who’d been out all day in their kayak (along with their little dog!!).

Our next destination: Luxembourg!


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