LUXEMBOURG – Luxembourg City – Echternach – Schiessentümpel – Diekirch 12th June – 14th June 2017

Left Orscholz and made our way into Luxembourg and headed to the city; used the app and found a carpark which was only 1 euro per hour and fairly close to the centre! Walked through a large park before arriving in the busy centre-  reminded us of a smaller version of London! People in suits rushing around or some having a quick lunch break at a cafe or in the park. Didn’t seem to be much character in the new part of the city- mainly shops and office buildings but nonetheless it was a clean, modern and fairly attractive centre, just wasn’t our cup of tea!


Bought some picnic bits for lunch including a baguette, crisps and a couple of cakes from a bakery and ate them in the sun at a bench in the park.


After lunch we discovered the older part of Luxembourg – this was more up our street! Walked past the Royal Palace complete with guards, the old city wall and even some old underground tunnels you could walk through.

Had a couple of hours wandering around, viewed the gardens from atop the city wall before making our way to a place called Junglinster for the night where the were a few designated motor home spaces within an industrial estate.Moved from our spot early the next day as the spaces were next to a work site and we didn’t want to be in the way! We made our way to Echternach; one of the oldest towns in Europe. Picked up a guide from the tourist office and decided to follow the walking route which covered the history of the town.The walk started at the impressive Echternach Abbey…

Weather was beautiful as we made our way round the ‘Parc municipal’…

…then further round to the remains of the old town wall which used to feature 20 towers. Today only five towers remain, 2 of which are now holiday rental properties!

Stopped at the van half way round to have a bite to eat and a shandy before continuing into the main part of the town where the former courthouse ‘Denzelt’ looked over the market square.


After walking down the cobbled streets line with a few shops and a couple of cafes too through the centre, we made our way back to the van  to head towards Schiessentümpel – a waterfall we’d seen pictures in the tourist office!

Situated near the town of Mullethal, we parked up in a layby and after A short walk alongside a mountain we came across the fairytale-like,stone moss covered bridge with a small waterfall. Very picturesque!

Spent the night at a camperstop in Redange-sur-Attert which was packed with motor homes but enough space for us!In the morning we filled ourselves with waffles and Nutella before having a drive, passing through Esch-sure-Sure. Pretty little place but nowhere for us to park so ended up driving to Diekirch to see what was there instead.

Parked up near the centre and weather was once again beautiful so we spent the afternoon wandering round, taking in the various ‘donkey themed’ monuments on the streets and paintings in shop windows! Turns out the donkey is a sign of prosperity!

Couldn’t leave Diekirch without having a ‘Diekirch’ either…


Left early afternoon and decided to spend the rest of the day making our way to yet another country- Belgium!

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