Norway – E6 along the coast – Tromso & a little detour to Sweden! : Part 2, Week 5 18th September 2017 – 24th September 2017

18th September 2017
After last weeks food consumption we thought we’d at least try and start this week healthier with some tinned fruit for breakfast! Left our spot and spent most of the day driving along the beautiful coastline running parallel to the E6.

Took a cool little road down to see Navitfossen…

Also stopped in a layby with a great view…!

We were in need of a shower( and even more in need of water – none left in the van!!!) and whilst parked up for lunch we researched campsites in the area as camper services were becoming a rarity and we hadn’t seen a truck stop for miles!

Decided on trying High-North Camp Birtavarre which was just off the E6. On arrival we realised reception was closed, however a notice on the door had a phone number. After a short phone call the friendly campsite owner arranged for his brother (who lived closer) to show us round! Roy arrived an hour or so later – really friendly guy who had a genuine interest in our travels! Settled up and sorted out some coins for the washing machine before having a good chat with him about where we’d been! Spent the rest of the evening having a much needed shower as well as finally doing some washing…

19th September 2017
Made the most of the facilities and treated ourselves to another shower and topped up all our water. Roy came back in the morning and told us how only a couple of weeks ago the whole valley was covered in snow! He’d never seen it this early on before in this part of Norway! Luckily the sun was out for us and before we left he said he’d already looked at our blog- we were really grateful and touched he’d had a look!

We would definitely recommend this site if you’re in the area- clean and simple facilities, friendly staff and a picturesque spot to park up for a night or two! No frills and all for a really reasonable price :)!

Left just after lunch and carried along the E6 with more beautiful coastline before turning into the E8 making our way up to Tromso.

Arrived early evening and after a quick drive through the town we decided to park up for the night. Found a great spot just outside the town on a bit of waste ground overlooking the water!
Cooked up some pasta for dinner and even attempted our own “garlic bread”…

Was the perfect spot for some more Northern Lights so later on we popped our heads out the door and we were lucky enough to see them again! Stood outside with a hot chocolate in awe…

20th September 2017
Had a drive round the “island” Tromso is situated on late morning before parking up near the Halogaland Teater (saw this spot on Camper contact app- usually a spot for vans but works being done/services are out of use at the moment!- parking still available however). Paid for a couple of hours and set off to explore the town…

Even spotted this beauty…

Got back to the van and had a coffee before taking the 852 off the island;past the airport and over a pretty impressive bridge, onto Kvaloy island before joining the 858 which involved a tolled tunnel underwater to take us onto yet another island – Jakobnjargga.Lovely country road next to the fjord. Barely any houses apart from the odd wooden farmhouse or fishing hut next to the water.

Found civilisation again after joining the E6 and parked up in a layby for the night and made some pretty awesome pancakes despite not being able to see that well due to our light in the van not working… Phone torch to the rescue! (as you can see the healthy eating didn’t last for long ;)! )

21st September 2017
After breakfast and a drive further down the E6 we found somewhere to park up in the afternoon to empty the loo and top our water up. Also took advantage of the spot to sort the light out!

A British couple pulled up next to us in their motor home so got chatting to them for a bit- they were heading up to Nordkapp on the route we’d just travelled and we were about to cover the roads they’d just taken- they said we were in for a treat!

Drove more of what seemed like the never ending E6 before finding a pull off for the evening near Gratangs-botn. We witnessed a beautiful red sunset and yet another glimpse of the Northern Lights!

22nd September 2017
After a slightly weird encounter of being watched by another van before being waved off as we left (?!?!) we decided that as we were fairly close to the Swedish border we could “pop over” and take advantage of the cheaper supermarkets!Turned off the E6 onto the E10 where we were unfortunately met by a tolled tunnel that wasn’t marked on the map..(since then we’ve found out that Norway toll their tunnels/roads etc until the bill is paid off so we guess the map can’t keep up to date with all of them!) We carried on through and crossed the border into Sweden…

The first supermarket we stopped at was more of a convenience store (so not particularly cheap ) therefore we made the decision to drive further and spend a couple of days in Sweden rather than rushing in and out!…Turns out it was well worth it- the road offered some great views with the Tornetrask lake running parallel!

We drove in the end all the way to Kiruna where we found what we were looking for- BEER!!! (£6.00 for 10x 330ml cans rather than £2/£3 per can!) lots of cheap bacon, coffee, sausages, HUGE block of cheese, a new frying pan and a few more goodies which didn’t break the bank!


With the van weighing considerably
more (the cheese alone weighed two kilos!) we left Kiruna and found somewhere to spend the night. Cooked up bacon, fried eggs and fried bread for dinner – so so good and even better washed down with a beer or two!


Later on Tris went out for a wee and Zo was then getting into bed before being told to get outside too! Was worth getting out of the warmth! The Northern Lights were even more incredible than our previous encounters- we even got to see the “rare” pink ones! The only way we could describe it we decided was it were as if the whole sky had been tye-dyed!

23rd September 2017
Had a very lazy Saturday – brunch consisting of fried egg sandwiches before making our way back along the E10. Stopped by the lake as it was too perfect not to photograph!…


Decided to park up for the night a little earlier than we normally do as the sun was out- perfect excuse to pull out our chairs (which we’d barely used this time round so far!) and a couple of beers. The pull off was obviously a popular spot as more vans joined us as the evening went on- 2 older couples opposite us were having a great time with music on all evening- gave us something to cook our toasties too!


24th September 2017
After breakfast we continued to make our way back to the Norwegian border along the E10. Stopped at a smaller supermarket to claim our “pant” back off the beers we’d consumed!(all cans/plastic bottles have a charge on them and to encourage recycling if they are brought back to the shop the money is given back in a voucher for you to spend at the store) With some money off we bought 4 “cruffins” – cross between a croissant and a muffin..tasted so good! Tris also couldn’t resist taking some photos of the van next to this bit of kit…


Crossed back into Norway and took the tolled tunnel again before continuing on the E10 past Bjerkvik – carrying on past burnt orange mountains, stunning lakes and eventually pulled over for the night near Kanstad.


Already in awe with the scenery, we were intrigued to see the beauty awaiting us on Lofoten island- our destination for next week…


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