Norway – Trondheim, Atlantic Highway, Snow! & Trollstigen Part 2, Week 8 9th – 15th October 2017

9th October 2017

Weather much brighter today – glad we waited for our visit to Trondheim! Carried on the E6 and arrived in Trondheim early afternoon; parked central next to the cathedral.Walked down through the town, passing through the market square and then made our way to the old fish market …

Carried on walking towards the old drawbridge before crossing and followed the river round to the impressive Cathedral.

Only put two hours on the van so made our way back, had a quick coffee before making our way out of Trondheim back on the E6.

Spent the rest of the day driving towards Oppdal, not really appreciating the fact we were climbing. Stopped off at a garage to get some fuel and the guy on the till loved our van so much we got a free coffee!

Arrived in Oppdal greeted by snow capped mountains and snow on the ground in the shady areas too! Was getting late and knew there was a place to park up just outside the town (seen on the app) so decided to risk the weather! Found bit of wasteground that was listed and was a pretty awesome spot to spend the night at – even if it was freezing!

10th October 2017

Woke up in our wooly hats and extra sleeping bag around 8:30 to look up and find what normally is condensation in the van was actually frozen…

Luckily our gas bottles weren’t having the same issue as last week so we were able to warm up with a coffee and a big bowl of porridge before making our way outside to discover the van had turned white!

Tris done a pretty good job of clearing the van and luckily the mountain wasn’t blocking out the morning sun so the van thawed out by around 11am. We were also joined by some “runaway” sheep which were being reported to the farmer by a pedestrian!


Another day of driving but saw some pretty stunning scenes out the window! Took the 70 road to Sunndalsøra then the E39 before the 73 towards Kristiansund before taking a pretty crazy tolled tunnel under the sea (Atlanterhavstunnelen) – the van actually picked up some speed, think we may have gone over 55mph!

Had lunch just after the tunnel before making our way towards  The Atlantic Highway; supposedly one of the most beautiful drives in the world. We’d also seen enough photos to convince us to join the thousands that had already experienced it so made our way along the 64 before coming to the sign “Atlanterhavsvalen” – the beginning of the highway which connects Averøy and several small islands by a total of 8 bridges!

Some beautiful scenery as you cross the highway and a series of viewpoints to where you can capture the different angles of the road and bridges. We crossed once, stopped at a supermarket the other side to top up our water before crossing the famous (and most photographed part of the highway) Storeseisundet Bridge again and decided to spend the night at the foot of the bridge in the viewing point carpark.

11th October 2017

Woke up fairly early, had breakfast and had a walk around Eldhusøya island where we’d parked – a special elevated path has been put in place so visitors can capture photographs of various angles of the bridge and surrounding islands.

Drove the highway a couple more times (sounds a bit crazy but we wanted to get some good footage at different angles with our GoPro) before carrying on the 64 and then had to catch a small ferry from Sølsnes to Åfarnes in order to cross Langfjord. Took around 15 minutes and we then took a small road towards Rødven before turning around and heading down the 64 as we couldn’t find anywhere to park up. However further on we were lucky and got to spend the night with views of Romsdalfjord.

12th October 2017

Today was going to be a challenge for the van – Trollstigen! We’d seen a few photos and had seen it on the map so after an oil and water check we decided to tackle the 11 hairpins…

What a road! Incredible scenery surrounding us as we slowly crawled up, hoping we weren’t going to meet any traffic coming the other way or else we’d lose our momentum!Stopped at the top in the visitor centre carpark where we took a walk over the viewing platform which offered an amazing view of what the van had just achieved!

Back at the carpark we made a coffee and met a few Italian exchange students who were big fans of Charlie – even asked for a picture with us and the van! Carried on further along the 63 which was just as exciting as Trollstigen – the scenery just kept getting better as the day went on.

After a short ferry to Eidsdal we headed towards Geirangerfjord where we were met with another series of hairpins, apart from this time we were going down rather than up! As we declined the view of the fjord was stunning where cruiseships looked like toy boats  floating on the vast expanse of water.


Day was flying by so we continued driving to avoid being stuck in the cold again… ended up doing the opposite and after a pretty steep incline snow capped mountains drew closer and closer until we were 1030 metres above sealevel! Amongst the peaks we passed snow and ice which had clearly been there for a fair few days; luckily the road was clear! Had to stop to get a couple of photos of the van…

After a couple of steep tunnels through the mountain we eventually returned to lower ground and had to say goodbye to the glorious 63 road as we turned onto the 15 at Stryn. Found a pull off just outside Loen and gave the van a well-deserved rest, Charlie done us proud today!

13th October 2017

Was pouring down with rain when we woke up and according to the forecast it was set in for the forseeable future! Decided to spend the day at a campsite where we could hopefully catch up with washing, the blog and have a shower too! Arrived at Tjugen campsite where we were greeted by a friendly guy who quickly arrived after calling the number on the reception door.

He put us right next to the facility block so we didn’t get soaked everytime we needed to use the loo or when we done our washing! Chucked it down all day and all night but we got everything done and cooked a couple of fried egg and sausage sandwiches to keep us warm!

14th October 2017

Another rainy day so made the most of the campsite before finally leaving at 2:30pm and decided to have another chilled out day of not much driving and parked up in the same spot as the other day just outside Loen. The view of the fjord made up for the miserable weather!

15th October 2017

More rain but decided to move on, took a windy road to Briksdalsbreen where you could just about see the glacier from the carpark! Unfortunately the rain didn’t give up so we didn’t walk anywhere but did manage to get a couple of photo’s.

Carried on the 60 and eventually joined the E39 at Byrkjelot then took the 5 at Skei all the way to Sogndal where it was STILL raining! Got on the 55 to make our way towards Nigardsbreen where we stopped at a fuel station and took advantage of the cover and checked the oil – it had burnt quite a bit after the hills and hairpins of Trollstigen! A couple – Eric and Marte, had broken down and after trying to get their car started with our jumpleads and still no luck we offered to drop them off home. We ended up spending the night at theirs – they kindly offered us a bed and a shower, really nice of them!

Checked the forecast for the following day and looked a bit brighter so made plans to leave early and head to Nigardsbreen in the morning.






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