Norway – Nigardsbreen, Waterfalls, Haugesand & South coast Part 2, Week 9 Oct 16th – 20th 2017

16th October 2017

After saying thanks again to Marte and Erik for their hospitality we left their home fairly early and made our way towards Nigardsbreen on the 55 road.Turned off at Gaupne where we took a stunning little road which eventually leads right to Nigardsbreen glacier.

And because it’s not everyday you can take a coffee break next to a glacier we took some time to admire the view..

Traced back our route all the way to Sogndal and then carried on the 55 where we then took a small ferry over to Dragsvik. Briefly stopped just after Balesund before stopping at a supermarket in Hoyanger where we discovered that mexican taco kits were only 70p (yep – even in Norway!!) … Another small ferry took us from Lavik to Oppedal on the E39 before taking the E16 to Trengereid where we parked up for the night and made some tacos (completely going against the Norweigian tradition of “Taco Friday” but we couldn’t wait!)


17th October 2017

Another day of awaking to the sound of rain on the tintop but still decided to make our way towards Vøringfossen. Drove along the number 7 road before pulling over to see Steinsdalsfossen. Despite the weather we couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to walk behind this waterfall (something we’d never done before!).


Carried on driving and had lunch next to Hardangerfjord and at Gronvin we then turned onto the 13 where we took a crazy tunnel with futuristic, neon roundabouts underground!

Crossed the Hardangerbrua and then back on the 7 where we took a helix tunnel up through the mountains and eventually came to the Vøringfossen viewing platform next to the Fossli Hotel. Stunning to see huge volumes of water freefalling from such a height!


We’d seen in an information leaflet that there was a hike trail to reach the base of the waterfall so with it in mind we decided to park up for the night (as it was getting dark) just a few minutes away from the starting point (and hoped the rain would stop by the morning!)

18th October 2017

Someone’s watching over us as the there was some sun! Parked at Storegjel where the trail began and kitted ourselves out before setting off.

A bit of a challenge over some of the wet boulders that formed the majority of the path but it was stunning to walk through the valley; complete with rapids, woodland and moss! Came across ruins of an old tourist guesthouse as well as an unfortunate lorry which had plummeted off the road…!

Waterfall itself was beautiful – cool to see it from another perspective too!

Wasn’t too long a walk – only 1.7km one way so definitely worth doing if you’re in the area – even if you’re pushed for time!

Had a coffee and a bite to eat back at the van then took the 13 road towards Odda where we were faced with a road closure til 5:30 so parked up by the water in Lofthus and got a few bits sorted in the van before it opened again! Admired the apple orchards as we carried on making our way to Odda. When we arrived in the town we luckily found a service stop to fill up our water and empty the loo then continued along the road before stopping at the beautiful floodlit Låtefossen…


19th October 2017

Can add “next to a waterfall” on our list of ‘Places we’ve slept next to’ now! What a treat to hear the water cascading all evening and to watch it out of the window. Woke up to find the van soaked in the spray! Got a few pictures of Låtefossen in daylight too…

Left just before 11 and cruised along the E134 and stopped in Haugesand for a wander around.

Southbound we headed on the E39 to Arsvågen, picked up the ferry to Martavika and found a beautiful place to park up for the night – view of the fjord and mountains topped off by the sun setting over them!

20th October 2017

Had a lazy morning and left our spot around lunchtime and decided to bypass Stavenger and head to the coast roads – 509 and 510.

Rain from the morning had disappeared and was replaced by a pretty strong wind but at least it was brighter! After driving on the 507 we picked up the 44 where the landscape changed to flat countryside – something we hadn’t seen in a while! Pulled over for a coffee before continuing further with beaches running parallel to us.


The landscape soon changed again to rock formations, small lakes and almost jurassic to look at. Found another layby to pull up in for the night and was fairly sheltered from the wind and again we had a pretty awesome view!

Whilst cooking dinner we messaged a guy who’d contacted us; all the way back when we were at Nordkapp,saying we were only 2,500km away to pop in for a coffee! Found the message and replied to discover that they had premises which we could do our well-due oil change at. So next stop was Kristiansand Bus Depot… !

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