Goodbye Scandinavia, Hello again Denmark & Germany! Part 2, Week 14 18th November – 26th November

Ferry journey went pretty quick after shopping for gin, catching up with a few things and having something to eat! Made our way on the flat, monotonous E39 to make our way to meet Newman once again but this time in Aarhus (since our last visit he moved!).

Turned up pretty late but managed to get a spot outside his flat and made our way into the city for a few drinks and a good chat about our adventures over the past couple of months!

The next day we headed to ARoS art gallery and spent the afternoon taking it all in and also took a few laps round the rainbow walk at the top!


Spent the evening at the street food market  situated in a warehouse- similar to the one in Stockholm and so much to choose from! Left feeling stuffed and proceeded to a board game bar!


Monday morning came around so we dropped Newman off at work before making our way to what we thought was going to be an impressive “abandoned theme park” which we’d seen on Atlas Obscura- turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to say the least and hardly abandoned with an adjoining hotel and campsite…


Instead we decided to head to the coast taking a few detours along the way including Juelsminde and having a wander round the grounds of Palsgaard castle.


Parked in Hov and took a walk along the beach and stopped for some lunch…


before picking Newman up and spending another evening at his with a couple of games, dinner and wine.

Said goodbye as we dropped Newman off at work once more before heading to Esbjerg on the west coast to take a look at the ‘Man meets the Sea’ sculpture.


On the way out of Esjberg we followed this beast…!


Spent the rest of the day driving through the flat, Danish countryside then crossed into Germany early evening and ended up stopping in Lunden again (stopped here as we made our way north at the beginning of this second trip!).

Made our way towards Hamburg on the 202 then the E45 and found a camperstop not too far from the centre for 19 euros a night (


Spent the afternoon/ evening wandering about- huge shopping streets and a only a few older buildings due to a lot being destroyed in the war. Left standing however is the tower of St.Nicholas church which we also took a look at.


Unfortunately some Christmas markets weren’t open but we did come across the ‘Santa Pauli’ XXXmas market… Pretty tame but a laugh all the same, will never look at candy canes in the same way again put it that way! Had a couple of drinks, Currywurst and watched the live music there before wandering further into the St.Pauli district full of neon lights, strip shows and some pretty dingy sights! An eye opener for sure!


Found the famous ‘Beatleplatz’ – The Beatles regularly played in clubs in Hamburg and widened their reputation so a memorial was created in 2008. We picked up some tonic on the walk home and had a few g&t’s before bed!


Left the camperstop early afternoon after taking advantage of all the facilities! Spent the rest of the day driving and parked up in Hermansbrug not far away from Hanover as we planned to spend the weekend with our German friends; Fynn and Caro who we met in Portugal earlier on in the year! Had pancakes for dinner and afterwards;for the first time this year, we felt a bit uncomfortable…
After the same car,twice,had lapped the spot and left it came back a final third time stopping opposite us. Immediately switched their lights off and we couldn’t see whether they were in the car or had got out, was pitch black! Bit creepy but probably nothing… Still we moved further into the town to park up instead!

Arrived in Hanover late afternoon and saw Fynn waiting outside to assist with parking- bit of a nightmare but we got a space on one of the busy side roads! Spent the evening catching up and seeing where they went after we parted ways in Venice! Turns out they had a great time in Croatia, Hungary, Austria as well as spending the summer in Sweden. Had a few drinks and also met some of their friends/ flatmates who we got on just as well with (Lenny,Felix,Leo,Matilda and Rico to name a few!)

The next day, despite it not being a particularly “fun” place to go when you meet up with your friends we visited Bergen-Belsen, one of the horrific concentration camps. Fynn had never been before and said it might be interesting for us to see too – which it was and definitely put things into perspective with many horrendous and upsetting stories, photos and videos. Was hard to believe.


On a lighter note, in the evening we celebrated Fynns birthday a day early and he invited friends over. Was a chilled out evening filled with beer, YouTube fail videos and lots of chatting but we all had a good night!

The next day it was Fynn’s actual birthday and his parents were having a gathering and had invited us too. Made us feel very welcome and treated everyone to a pretty awesome brunch. Afterwards we then headed to Caro’s parents who again were very hospitable and made a great cake.As a birthday treat we even let Fynn drive the van round the block!


Spent the evening watching films and sampling even more German beer and had a couple of g&t’s too!
Sunday evening came to an end, Fynn and Caro both had uni Monday morning so we planned to head into Hanover itself to have a wander before leaving the city and making our way towards Wolfsburg!

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