AUSTRIA – Day in Vienna and Christmas in Ferlach Part 2, Week 18 21.12.17-25.12.17

Rainy day on the outskirts of Vienna 21.12.17

Woke up to rain and a miserable looking sky so decided to spend the day doing some laundry (exciting we know, but it was long overdue!). Found a laundrette just north of the capital and ended up being more exciting than expected! Met an English woman called Julie who’d been traveling for years and had just come back to Vienna with her Austrian boyfriend for Christmas. Gave her a tour of the van and chatted whilst the washing went round!

We drove to Korneuburg; a town which Julie suggested visiting. However, the rain still hadn’t given up by the time we got there so instead we parked up, sorted out some Christmas cards for home, before parking up south of the city in a free car park.

Day and Night in Vienna 22.12.17

Decided to find a campsite to visit Vienna so we could have a shower before Christmas as well as being able to top up the water, clean the loo and have no restriction on how much time we spend in the city! Glad we made the decision to go to  Reisemobile Stellplatz ! One of the friendliest welcomes we’ve received and really reasonable price – 21 euros a night with electricity and use of all facilities. Plus the tram stop was just down the road!

Got parked up, had a shower, a few beers and some lunch before getting the tram into the centre. Arrived in a shopping district first which didn’t give us the best impression, however, we quickly fell in love with Vienna and its older architecture!Walked through the museum quarter and entered the Maria Theresa platz where a Christmas market was being held between the National History museum and the Kunsthistorisches art museum.

Arrived outside the impressive National Library…

Then stood in awe at the impressive city hall complete with a huge Christmas market, Christmas tree and beautiful lights!

Had the most expensive hot dog yet… (take note Vienna is not the best place if you’re on a budget!) before arriving in the centre early evening. Streets were adorned with shops, one area dominated by designer stores which didn’t interest us… However St.Stephen’s Cathedral was much more appealing with its Romanesque/Gothic architecture!

Spent ages to find what we would call a “proper” bar – one where they don’t serve food/ lay the table! Many we passed were more restaurants however finally our search came to an end as we walked into Lucas bar.

What an evening! 2 awesome bartenders kept us entertained all evening, played great music and got chatting with an older Austrian guy who loved our story and brought us a couple of vodka shots! Safe to say we left very merry and somehow managed to navigate ourselves back to the van!

No hangover and driving South 23.12.17

Luckily we avoided a hangover by having a lazy morning as checkout wasn’t ’til 12! Made our way south on the 17 and 54 to check out a spot and see it’s potential for Christmas day (we ideally wanted somewhere we could use electric to treat ourselves with the use of our heater!). Arrived early evening in St.Stefan i Rosendal, not a bad spot and had electric but was pricey at £1.50 kw/h! Decided to spend the night there then move onto a spot we’d seen in Ferlach on Campercontact in the morning.

Christmas camp search! 24.12.17

An awesome day of driving! Took some small roads before taking the 69 which was an incredible road! Mountains, snow and hairpin bends with awesome scenery everywhere you looked.

Charlie Brown was pushed to his limits on some of the hills – brakes got a bit hot and we were followed by a stench of oil for a while! The 70 was tame in comparison with the road to Klagenfurt! Arrived in Ferlach around 4ish – with a view of the mountains and a stream running alongside us, despite it being in the town, it was a pretty quaint little spot!

It cost 4 euros for 24hours and 1 euro for 8 hours of electricity which we felt was reasonable for a warm Christmas! Got the heater on, some Christmas tunes and cooked up a fry up and cracked open the beers. Perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day 25.12.17

Started the day with a view of the mountains, a bottle of Asti and waffles with chocolate!

Opened our cards which Peter had kindly brought over from England (after we met in Prague )and got on the beer before 12! Being a horticulturist and a florist we couldn’t have Christmas without a tree or a Christmas wreath!

Didn’t want to waste the day so took a walk through the woodland behind our campstop, loads of pine trees had fallen over which made it more of an obstacle course!


Got back to the van late afternoon and decided to get on with making our version of “Christmas Dinner” – there’s only so much you can do in a camper but for our first attempt, it wasn’t too bad!! Went down well with a glass of Prosecco!

The evening was spent Facetiming our families and doing the usual of eating and drinking too much!

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